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Liberate Your Life: Break Patterns & Find Freedom!

Liberate Your Life: Break Patterns & Find Freedom!

Flexible, completely online, whenever it suits your schedule, no time limit. This affordable, ON-DEMAND program offers a flexible and completely online approach, allowing you to move through it at your own pace, on your own schedule, when it suits YOU, no matter what timezone you are in. This foundational, all-encompassing program introduces mindfulness, somatic embodiment, ancient wisdom and modern applied psychology . As you explore topics such as the nervous system, boundaries, habitual patterns, self-acceptance, and healing in community - ultimately strengthening your relationship with yourself as you walk through life with a newfound sense of ease.

The program consists of 6 parts, each comprising 2-3 modules. Within each module, you'll find a blend of practices and resources, including breath/movement exercises, insightful written content, pre-recorded videos, guided meditations, and invitations to integrate the teachings into your daily life. I created this program with my Vision and Mission at the forefront: To guide people home to themselves as they recalibrate their inner compass on their path to freedom by providing community with safety, tools and resources to liberate themselves from suffering and unconscious patterns, discovering sanctuary within.

The first step is only a few clicks away. Investment: $260 CAD with payment plans available (3 payments of $87 CAD) Participants in this program automatically receive a discount on a one : one 80 minute initial consultation with me.

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