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Fight or flight
Stress relief
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What's my story?

Welcome! I'm Peta Thompson (she/her), a Somatic Therapy Practitioner, Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher.

I am deeply committed to the work I share with the community, recognizing a profound connection between my own journey and that of each of my clients. This connection brings a deep sense of compassion, coupled with an undeniable "I believe in you!"

Before discovering this path, my life was marked by intense highs and lows, guarded by a fearless façade that kept me distanced from my true self for many years.

At age 17, I joined the military and took my first leap from an airplane. Over the next decade, I completed over 4,000 jumps, serving as a skydiving instructor. Strapped to individuals double my size, I mastered skills in non-verbal communication, nervous system regulation, safety, and attunement—working with people in moments of fight or flight. Alongside the breathtaking experiences, I navigated a shadowed landscape of depression, a challenged relationship with alcohol, a loss of identity, a masculine/feminine imbalance, and an inability to manage my emotions, living in a state of chronic pain and autoimmune disease. I came crashing down, finding refuge in the warm embrace of booze each day.

In my search for an exit, I miraculously stumbled upon the path of Yoga, a discovery that ultimately saved my life.

A decade of self-study, primarily within the realm of Yoga, led me to freedom, liberation, and authenticity.

Having broken free from the sea of darkness myself, I now know it is possible. My passion is to guide others out of darkness and back into the light by embracing mindfulness and mid-body-spirit connection, finding safety within their bodies through compassionate inquiry and somatic therapy.

With over 15 years of experience in human resources, coaching, and instruction across diverse settings—from the corporate world and the military to construction and holistic practices—I bring a wealth of knowledge and have developed a unique, intuitive approach. Additionally, I offer support in intention setting, preparation, and integration in the realms of plant medicine and psychedelics.

Training under remarkable mentors, including Dr. Gabor Mate, deepened my understanding of trauma, addiction, and healing practices. My skydiving background equipped me with advanced interpersonal skills in non-verbal communication, safety, attunement, and nervous system regulation. My corporate experience in Human Resources adds another layer of conflict resolution and meditation to my diverse skill set.

My personal struggles with mental health and alcoholism during my late teens and early twenties fuel my dedication to working with young adults and teens. Having navigated a dysregulated nervous system during my skydiving years, I am devoted to coaching extreme sport athletes, aiding them in regulating their nervous systems for harmony and balance.

Beyond offering Yoga, Somatic Therapy, and Compassionate Inquiry through Peta Thompson Wellness, I provide trauma-trained Somatic Coaching to young people dealing with substance use and mental health challenges. Additionally, I volunteer in the Bass Music Festival community, advocating for harm reduction.

If you're feeling trapped by your identity or seeking guidance on your sober journey, desiring a deeper connection with yourself, I'm honoured to walk with you.

Together, we'll break free from limiting walls and embrace a new sense of freedom and inner connection.

  • Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Program (for professionals working with trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development)

  • Integrative Somatic Therapy Training (a body-centered soul-based psychotherapy for healing trauma)

  • Psychedelic Crisis & Peer Support Training (Harm Reduction)

  • Somatic Psychedelic Facilitator Training

  • Jikiden Reiki (authentic Japanese Reiki energy healing modality, directly passed down through the Jikiden lineage)

  • Trauma Informed Practitioner Training Level 1 & 2 (approved by the Canadian Psychological Association)

  • Mental Health First Aid for Youth 

  • 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training (in progress)

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training a second time

  • Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training

  • Meditation Teacher Training

  • Pranayama Teacher Training

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

  • Hands-on Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

  • SUP (standup paddle board) Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Life Coach Certification

  • Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution

  • Tandem & AFF Skydive Instructor (APF Australia)

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