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Welcome to my virtual space

Based in Nelson, BC, on the traditional lands of the Ktuanxa, Syilx, and Sinixt peoples, I am honoured to share my work as a dedicated Somatic Wellness Coach with a diverse, 15 year background in coaching, instructing, and facilitating.


What sets my work apart is my varied journey—from the military and a decade as a skydiving instructor to roles in human resources & recruiting, teaching yoga, and somatic therapy.


My experience involves extensive training and hands-on mentoring from exceptional teachers, resulting in an intuitive, body-centered approach. My 1:1 and group sessions consistently bring profound transformation to individuals seeking alternatives to conventional channels by weaving ancient wisdom with new-age modalities.


With a solid foundation and nuanced understanding of human dynamics, I integrate various modalities into a unique, holistic approach. My aim is to empower clients not only to break patterns, reconnect with their internal guidance system, and process emotions and trauma but also to navigate the human experience with resilience and grace.


Whether working with adults, extreme athletes or supporting teens in breaking free from unconscious patterns, my work extends beyond private practice. As a member of the Sana Recovery team in North Carolina, I contribute to the healing journey of youth and teens in recovery, virtually.


Currently open to new clients, either virtually or in-person, I invite you to reach out if you feel drawn to working with me. For those interested in workshops or events, signing up to my mailing list and exploring my events page will keep you informed about upcoming offerings. If you’re interested in connecting about facilitating a workshop for your private group, or speaking at an event, head over to the contact page to connect.

Interested in learning more about working with me?
Check out this 35 minute podcast interview with Tara Kabatoff from Beyond the Veil. 

Or listen on Spotify here


Reconnecting To My Authentic Self: My Journey Home.

My 25 minute talk, from the 2024 Men in Tubs & Women on Thrones Calendar Release Show at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson BC. I share my story, of a life lived as both the Hider and the Seeker. Extreme highs, plummeting lows and ultimately a path of self-discovery, vulnerability and authenticity.

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