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How can we work together?

To Book a session please head over to the booking page

Payment is due at time of booking.

E-transfer is preferred payment method within Canada however other accepted methods are cash, credit card (invoice). For those outside of Canada, a payment request will be emailed to you via PayPal. 

E-transfers go to

Cancellations & Mindful Bookings

Thank you for your mindfulness when making your booking, as there is limited availability in my calendar each week. When bookings are cancelled, it creates an unfilled gap in my schedule and prevents another client from benefiting from that time slot. Your understanding and consideration are greatly appreciated.

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(Free) 15 Minute Discovery Call

Wondering which options is best for you?

We can book a 15 minute discovery call to chat about the process and explore the options that best meet your needs. 

This can virtual or over the phone.

Initial Visit - 80 Minute 1:1 Introductory Session

80 Minutes - $125.00 + tax

Please select this option if this is our first session together. During your initial visit we will focus on establishing the foundation of our therapeutic relationship, getting to know each other and fostering a connection. We will discuss expectations and desired outcomes from our sessions, ensuring that our objectives are in harmony.

Virtual or in-person options available.

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Return Visit - Somatic Compassionate Inquiry Session

50 Minutes - $95.00 or 80 Minutes - $125.00 + tax

80 minute Somatic Compassionate Inquiry Session for returning clients. 

Experience the powerful combination of Somatic Therapy, a body-centered approach and Compassionate Inquiry™, the psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr Gabor Maté in this uniquely intuitive session. By tapping into the body's innate wisdom, we delicately unravel layers of childhood trauma, release stored emotions, and alleviate suffering at its root. Through deep attunement and attentive listening, we reprogram the brain's neural pathways, liberating ourselves from survival mode and cultivate emotional equilibrium and nervous system harmony.

These sessions can be conducted in any comfortable setting, be it a chair or on the floor. They involve a blend of talk therapy with gentle movements, restorative yoga, breathwork, and optional consensual touch.

These session are offered in-person or virtually, anywhere in the world.

Packages, Workshops and Series'


If you're interested in tailoring a series specific to your unique needs, or bringing a workshop to your community, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact form

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