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for space holders


Welcome to "Sanctuary" – a nourishing container for those who hold space for others.

When was the last time you experienced the embrace of someone holding space for you, allowing you to come up for air and shed the weight of responsibility from your shoulders?


If you're a dedicated space holder, this is your invitation to Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a dedicated container crafted with the intention of preventing space holders from compassion fatigue and burnout. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Dr. Gabor Mate, we recognize the toll that a non-reciprocal energy exchange can take on our well-being, potentially manifesting as disease and illness. 

Sanctuary is a 3-part offering, held weekly for 90 minutes. We will come together to engage in guided somatic practices, share reflections, co-regulate, and discuss how we can sustain our roles as space holders.

Whether you're a therapist, bodyworker, parent, friend, tattoo artist, frontline worker, ceremony facilitator, yoga teacher, or any other form of space holder, this invitation is for you.

Registration is required to secure your spot, as space is limited. 

Join us in Sanctuary, where the act of holding space becomes a reciprocal exchange.


Being a container setting, it is essential that all participants to prioritize attending all three sessions. This commitment ensures the safety, attunement, and connection necessary for the container to be as effective as intended. Please only register if you can fully commit to attending all three sessions.

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