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I experienced profound healing from working with Peta. The work we did helped me address some trauma that I didn’t realize had been running the show on many levels for most of my life.

- Willi

Peta’s teachings have given me a perspective that will allow me to become less reactive and more compassionate in anxious, emotional states. She has a calming, honest and knowledgable approach that puts you at ease, allows you to open up and explore your inner self in a safe environment. I am grateful for her help!

- Colten

“Peta is a wonderful facilitator. The workshop was a great introduction to Compassionate Inquiry, understanding how emotions show up in our bodies and our responses to the world around us.”

- Kathryn

Super powerful work, I’m so grateful for Peta's work, it started a domino effect of healing for me.

- Cheyne

I attended this workshop last month, and though I’ve done a lot of work over the decades, I really love how this practice is simple, clear, potent, and applicable anytime a trigger arises. I’ve walked myself through it many times since I took the workshop, and it’s amazing how effective it’s been. Highly recommend!

- Lila Rasa

This workshop was one of the best sessions I’ve ever done in actually feeling like I have a way forward for myself next time I’m triggered

- Laura

When I found Peta's Yoga classes I was unmotivated, felt insecure in my body and was undergoing fertility treatments so wasn't feeling the best. At first, I doubted I'd be able to do any of the postures.
The classes were exactly as described, Peta provided modifications and so many advanced yoga postures were not at all out of my depth. Her cues and demo's made it easy to follow. I felt my insecurities disappear with each class and I was reconnecting to my body. The tension began to release from all the medical treatments and stress my body was under. 
Peta always creates a safe, inviting and magical space. Thank you Peta, you are indeed one of the reasons my IVF was successful.

Jennifer C

When I started practicing yoga with Peta, there was an aura of confidence that emanated from her being. I felt grounded and also safe, seeing how tuned in she was to the many aspects of yoga postures that I had only learned about in my later teacher training. One aspect she emphasized was letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you. I think of this often as I go about the routines of my daily life. I always remember the joy I felt taking her classes, and I know that many others share that experience.

Bill D

I stumbled upon Peta in 2019 on a search to develop self-care skills, and finally decided to attempt yoga. I was willing to try anything to find some peace, comfort and space within my mind, body and spirit. Peta taught one of the first Yoga classes I attended, I was a wobbly, uncoordinated mess, who hated down dog and had the balance of a 2 legged tripod. Peta was so compassionate, encouraging and supportive, offering cues and adjustments and I couldn't wait to come back and work with Peta again. Soon, I was regularly booking in for Peta's classes, and found increasing success in my practice through her support and encouragement. 
It was through my experience with Peta's teaching that I fell in love with Yoga, the connection of body, spirit and breath, and have found myself always wanting to explore and connect more with myself. Since practicing with Peta, I have become inspired to pursue YTT and trauma informed work. I very much look forward to working with Peta in the future, to continue to experience the wonderful world of yoga and all her teachings.

Heather E

I met Peta in her Yin class where she helped me learn how to release physical and mental tension through breath and body work. She has helped me heal and work through some of my traumas via yoga and meditation. I would highly recommend any of Peta’s classes! She is an incredible guide for anyone looking to heal parts of themselves!

Fallon C

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